Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It Was Early Morning When...

It was early in the morning when I felt really sick and feeling a bit dizzy. I did not to go to work that day and decided to take a rest. It was a day full of uneasiness and discomfort that I could no longer bear the feeling. The next day, I decided to visit my Ob-Gynecologist and have everything checked. When the result was out, she popped the good news that I am going to be a mother. I was in the state of shock at that moment, my heart is pumping really fast but all I know is that I was very happy at that instant.


I immediately called my husband and family to tell them about my condition and they were very excited about it. My husband was very grateful and he surprised me with a sumptuous dinner that night. It was really an answered prayer for the two of us since we have been waiting for 4 years already. Everything was like a dream until my baby finally kicked inside me and it was such a precious feeling.


My friends decided to celebrate a baby shower at our house together with our family. It was filled with laughter, stories and baby gifts. Everyone was having a good time during that occasion. When I was opening all the gifts, my best friend was left behind to help me unwrap everything and I was astonished with all the amazing gifts that they have given my baby. One of the best gift that I received was the colorful and attractive Bebe Chic crib bedding that suit perfectly in her soon to be crib.  


The moment has finally come for my baby to see the light out of my womb. I have given birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 5.5 lbs. She was like an angel as I glimpse in her eyes. My world turned upside down because I was finally welcomed to become a mother to a beautiful daughter. During my pregnancy, I did gained a lot of weight since I have a very good appetite and I eat whenever I want to. Right after my delivery, my Gynecologist told me that I really need to lose weight for my personal benefit.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Real Essence of Fashion is Always Changing

The Real Essence of Fashion is Always Changing

It is a way of grooming yourself into a state of freedom. Many people express themselves through their clothing and how they carry it with poise and confidence. The world evolves in the beauty of innovation where every aspect in human life are challenge for excellence.


I grew up living the life of fashion since my parents are both dressmaker. Even at early age, I was able to do different kind of dresses, suits and apparels which suits my desire in life. My parents used to tell me that I have a very unique talent in creating an exceptional design. I love sketching during my free time and I always help my parents in our tailoring business. I became an avid fan of different fashion magazine which mold me have my own signature style when it comes to designing.


After high school, my parents handed me the tailoring business and have the full control of all the operation. It was a dream come true and I was very excited to explore more on the enticing realm of fashion. I started building my own name to our new and fresh customers. I was able to offer them more innovative design at a very competitive price compared to other designers in our town. One day, my friend visited me at the shop and told me about the Clearance Sale of Coach Outlet in our nearby town.


Both of us were very excited to go and indulge ourselves in the most popular bag brand worldwide. Having a good quality of leather Coach Bag had always been one of my luxury goal. Being a woman who loves fashion, I become aware on the importance of good quality of material in different kinds of things. That’s why I always make sure that I will spend my money wisely when buying stuff for myself.




Friday, October 9, 2015

Stage of Reality While Traveling

Living my life independently was one of my biggest achievement in life. I decided to move out at my parents’ house right after college. I looked for a good and steady job to suffice all my needs. At an early age of 23, I am already living a stable life, living at my own place and doing the things that I want to do. But, little did I know that it was just the start of my journey to the world of reality.


I consider myself as a strong and dignified young woman with big dreams. I have a pleasing personality and great attitude that made me one of the best employee in our company. I have passion for fashion that’s why I pursue my secondary studies in fashion and arts. I landed in a very reputed fashion company for babies because of my unique talents and different brilliant ideas. Our company is all about making chic and trendy Bebe beddings, stylish cribs, children’s furniture, diaper bags, accessories and many more.


Our company stands for quality, affordability with a classy posh designs that can surely catch the attentions of all mothers out there. We make sure that we use the perfect materials for each design to be made. My work is in the marketing department where I deal with different divisions in our company. I do the designs for promotions, billboards and posters. I have a very keen personality especially when it comes to details of the work.


Some of my subordinates misinterprets my actions and words towards them but it was all boils down to work and nothing personal. Because of my work, I get stressed out most of the time and I started to notice that my hair starting to fall out profusely. At first I did not mind it, thinking it was just because of the shampoo that I’m using. Later on, it become worst as one of my friend noticed how thin my hair have become.



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kids and Animals are Neverending

Kids and Animals are Neverending

I was having a bit of a problem with my pet cat Moose before I got him a automatic litter box. Moose had a hard time getting acquainted with his regular litter box and simply refused to do his business in it.

At first I thought it was because of the litter I had placed in it so I tried experimenting with different types and brands so he would finally stop pooping all over the house. I tried scented and unscented types of liters but to no avail!

I was so frustrated and depressed about the situation and I knew another day could not pass by unless I addressed this problem right away. I sort of came to the conclusion that maybe enclosed litter boxes were the way to go since a Coach purse is very similar to an enclosed area.

I was lucky to find the it because not only does it come in an enclosed type of casing but it also makes cleaning out his junk so much easier!

It was extremely relieving that finally, this method worked! Moose loved his new litter box and I no longer had to worry about mishaps that involved my favorite Coach purse.

I’m so happy that Moose finally started using it because now, I don’t have to worry about making a mess when I clean out his litter box. All I need to do now is shift the box on both sides for a couple of times, pull out the compartment and dispose any collected lumps.

It has definitely benefited both us of and our home has definitely been happier since then!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bed Bug Bites are NOT fun

I always considered myself as a house person. I rarely go out, and when I do it’s always an alienating experience. That’s why I had given myself up on exploring the great outdoors and devoted myself solely on primping up my lovely home. I’m quite picky when it comes to great finds, especially household assortments. Curtains, armchairs, wardrobes, rugs, tables, blinds, lamps and looking glass I pay the highest of attentions.


Aside from the kitchen, my favorite part of the house is my own room. I’m not much of a wanderer. I could sit for hours and hours on the same spot on the house and you could swear I wouldn’t have moved an inch. That is why I adorned my little abode with fluffy cushions and portable beds.


Bedrooms for me are one of the sacred parts of the house. It is your own personal space. Everything private is kept in bedrooms, so one must make sure that everything inside the bedroom must not be only for design purposes; it should be used for something.


Since I am an interior designer, I do not take for granted aesthetic value. Comfort of course is my top priority, and I am sure anyone else would agree with this. What is the use of pretty sheets if they aren’t comfortable enough to sleep into? Like any household item durability comes next. But of course we can go ahead and spoil ourselves with the fancy brands.


I design my house and my client’s as well with particular care and caution. Beds, like furniture, should blend in with the whole atmosphere of the house. If one is adventurous, then an exotic Cote d Azure Bohemian bed from Tommy Bahama might suit him. I personally prefer the feminine allure of Vera Wang and her flimsy florals and soft patterns, her Night Blooms Collection for example. I also like Nautica and Calvin Klein. They always had designs that would fit any mood and the mirage and patterns are the best. Echo Guinevere always gave that summer retreat effect, and SFERRA is all about softness and comfort.


Among my clients Bloomingdale is quite a choice. Their patterns are best for soft pastel hues and houses with accentuated warm designs. Dona Karan is also a top pick. Their usually dark motif is highly regarded by men.


In picking up the right brand I always surf the web for preferences and blogs. This is how I came across how to lose man boobs fast, a fat binder that helps you control your cholesterol. Stress is always a present element in my line of work, so it’s a great help that I found Proactol and kept me in good shape for a year now.



Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Many Ways to Succeed

The world of business is a risky industry that only brave hearts and strong will people can survive. It comes from a very unique and impossible idea of a person that became a reality and prospers with perseverance. These people are highly imaginative to the point that others discriminate some of their insights but they have a definite belief on what they can do and with this they were referred as, “Entrepreneurs”.


When I started my own fashion business, I did not hesitate to pursue everything all at once. I am determined to succeed and I was not afraid to ask for help. Maybe that is why I have achieved my goals because I learned to master the art of networking which is very important in the business industry. I was into selling different kinds of branded stuff like bags, accessories, apparels and shoes. It was into my advantage since my sister is living in New York and most of the Outlet stores are located near her place. During sale, I would try to contact her so she can pick the things that I like, but mostly I live it all up to her since I get my fashion sense from her.


I began to establish my career because of the quality and affordability of my stuff. My clients are usually into bags and shoes that’s the reason I always have new designs to offer them. One of my fast selling brand is Coach because of its durability and great material. With the crisis and financial instability that the world is going through, gone are the days of being a shopaholic.


People already how to do practical spending and learned the value of long term investment. One of my friend who stop by my shop mentioned to me about this great product with amazing results called Testogen. This product is a revolutionary weight loss product that has been turning a lot of heads ever since it was introduced. Based on the extracts of the Hoodia Gordinii Plant found in Southern Africa, it promises to deliver rapid weight loss by reducing your appetite by a significant margin and stopping hunger pains. I was thrilled by all the positive feedback that I heard from her and decided to use it personally. After 3 months of using the product with healthy diet and regular exercise, I really lose some extra pounds and I was very happy with the result. I decided to purchase wholesale so I can distribute it in my shop and it was like my ticket to winning. Many people in our town are buying the product not just of the benefits it gives but also it is trusted and proven.





Friday, September 25, 2015

Making Your Way to the Cat Walk

I can’t really believe it actually took 73 years, but for those who have been following Coach for a long time, it’s definitely worth the wait. Well, if not now, when? 27 more years to 100 would be a long way to go. Stuart Vevers recently took Coach followers into memory lane for a memorable Coach debut for the brand’s 2014 autumn and winter collection.
1970’s American SuburbiaFor the first collection by Coach showcased on the runway, Stuart Vevers brings a Joel Sternfeld 1979 photograph of an Oregon street suburb. The photo which can be found on the American Prospects 1985 book was at the background of the shoot and it depicts the banal American suburbia with identifying mailboxes and garages, set against autumn colors – a rather moody poetry at the sidewalk of bored teenagers.
Vevers revealed how the colors of the era pretty much defines the collection, from fall colors of tan, mustard, crimson and black. Refreshing colors that blend in were chocolate colored leaves and orange cappuccinos.
The Shining and Sissy SpacekIf you can look back into some old stuff, (if you’re not born in the 70’s era), Badlands with Sissy Spacek, Steven Spielberg’s ET and The Shining were the most memorable films at that time. Vevers took into reference how he presented Coach Purses at the catwalk, with snapshots of American Cinemas in the 70’s, showing catnip colors and feline styles that are as evocative and colorful product lines and catalogues.  Such is the case to witness some shaggy inspirations for Coach’s new bags and purses collections, showcased with lovely, cute and furry themes.
It’s interesting and I think everyone will agree how Vevers revealed the 2014 strategy, which is to showcase the car coat, denim jacket and cowboy boot. These American classics tend to walk in, with luxury and modernism at the forefront. I think what Vevers trying to say is that if there’s anything Coach purses seems to evoke, it’s on how young girls can carry their bags with affection, with an understanding that it’s as important to take the fashion risks.
I particularly like how the British designer were able to bring back the American classics into the modern era with pretty good combination of style for the bags and satchel, which highlights soft and multi-texture materials, along with the suede jackets and wedge shearing-lined boots.
As strange as orange cappuccinos sound, the Coach Purses collection at the fashion week in New York is an executive look at Coach’s global brand lifestyle. Coach purses at the catwalk are such a welcome sight for young girls.