Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bed Bug Bites are NOT fun

I always considered myself as a house person. I rarely go out, and when I do it’s always an alienating experience. That’s why I had given myself up on exploring the great outdoors and devoted myself solely on primping up my lovely home. I’m quite picky when it comes to great finds, especially household assortments. Curtains, armchairs, wardrobes, rugs, tables, blinds, lamps and looking glass I pay the highest of attentions.


Aside from the kitchen, my favorite part of the house is my own room. I’m not much of a wanderer. I could sit for hours and hours on the same spot on the house and you could swear I wouldn’t have moved an inch. That is why I adorned my little abode with fluffy cushions and portable beds.


Bedrooms for me are one of the sacred parts of the house. It is your own personal space. Everything private is kept in bedrooms, so one must make sure that everything inside the bedroom must not be only for design purposes; it should be used for something.


Since I am an interior designer, I do not take for granted aesthetic value. Comfort of course is my top priority, and I am sure anyone else would agree with this. What is the use of pretty sheets if they aren’t comfortable enough to sleep into? Like any household item durability comes next. But of course we can go ahead and spoil ourselves with the fancy brands.


I design my house and my client’s as well with particular care and caution. Beds, like furniture, should blend in with the whole atmosphere of the house. If one is adventurous, then an exotic Cote d Azure Bohemian bed from Tommy Bahama might suit him. I personally prefer the feminine allure of Vera Wang and her flimsy florals and soft patterns, her Night Blooms Collection for example. I also like Nautica and Calvin Klein. They always had designs that would fit any mood and the mirage and patterns are the best. Echo Guinevere always gave that summer retreat effect, and SFERRA is all about softness and comfort.


Among my clients Bloomingdale is quite a choice. Their patterns are best for soft pastel hues and houses with accentuated warm designs. Dona Karan is also a top pick. Their usually dark motif is highly regarded by men.


In picking up the right brand I always surf the web for preferences and blogs. This is how I came across how to lose man boobs fast, a fat binder that helps you control your cholesterol. Stress is always a present element in my line of work, so it’s a great help that I found Proactol and kept me in good shape for a year now.


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