Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It Was Early Morning When...

It was early in the morning when I felt really sick and feeling a bit dizzy. I did not to go to work that day and decided to take a rest. It was a day full of uneasiness and discomfort that I could no longer bear the feeling. The next day, I decided to visit my Ob-Gynecologist and have everything checked. When the result was out, she popped the good news that I am going to be a mother. I was in the state of shock at that moment, my heart is pumping really fast but all I know is that I was very happy at that instant.


I immediately called my husband and family to tell them about my condition and they were very excited about it. My husband was very grateful and he surprised me with a sumptuous dinner that night. It was really an answered prayer for the two of us since we have been waiting for 4 years already. Everything was like a dream until my baby finally kicked inside me and it was such a precious feeling.


My friends decided to celebrate a baby shower at our house together with our family. It was filled with laughter, stories and baby gifts. Everyone was having a good time during that occasion. When I was opening all the gifts, my best friend was left behind to help me unwrap everything and I was astonished with all the amazing gifts that they have given my baby. One of the best gift that I received was the colorful and attractive Bebe Chic crib bedding that suit perfectly in her soon to be crib.  


The moment has finally come for my baby to see the light out of my womb. I have given birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 5.5 lbs. She was like an angel as I glimpse in her eyes. My world turned upside down because I was finally welcomed to become a mother to a beautiful daughter. During my pregnancy, I did gained a lot of weight since I have a very good appetite and I eat whenever I want to. Right after my delivery, my Gynecologist told me that I really need to lose weight for my personal benefit.

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