Friday, October 9, 2015

Stage of Reality While Traveling

Living my life independently was one of my biggest achievement in life. I decided to move out at my parents’ house right after college. I looked for a good and steady job to suffice all my needs. At an early age of 23, I am already living a stable life, living at my own place and doing the things that I want to do. But, little did I know that it was just the start of my journey to the world of reality.


I consider myself as a strong and dignified young woman with big dreams. I have a pleasing personality and great attitude that made me one of the best employee in our company. I have passion for fashion that’s why I pursue my secondary studies in fashion and arts. I landed in a very reputed fashion company for babies because of my unique talents and different brilliant ideas. Our company is all about making chic and trendy Bebe beddings, stylish cribs, children’s furniture, diaper bags, accessories and many more.


Our company stands for quality, affordability with a classy posh designs that can surely catch the attentions of all mothers out there. We make sure that we use the perfect materials for each design to be made. My work is in the marketing department where I deal with different divisions in our company. I do the designs for promotions, billboards and posters. I have a very keen personality especially when it comes to details of the work.


Some of my subordinates misinterprets my actions and words towards them but it was all boils down to work and nothing personal. Because of my work, I get stressed out most of the time and I started to notice that my hair starting to fall out profusely. At first I did not mind it, thinking it was just because of the shampoo that I’m using. Later on, it become worst as one of my friend noticed how thin my hair have become.



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