Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Real Essence of Fashion is Always Changing

The Real Essence of Fashion is Always Changing

It is a way of grooming yourself into a state of freedom. Many people express themselves through their clothing and how they carry it with poise and confidence. The world evolves in the beauty of innovation where every aspect in human life are challenge for excellence.


I grew up living the life of fashion since my parents are both dressmaker. Even at early age, I was able to do different kind of dresses, suits and apparels which suits my desire in life. My parents used to tell me that I have a very unique talent in creating an exceptional design. I love sketching during my free time and I always help my parents in our tailoring business. I became an avid fan of different fashion magazine which mold me have my own signature style when it comes to designing.


After high school, my parents handed me the tailoring business and have the full control of all the operation. It was a dream come true and I was very excited to explore more on the enticing realm of fashion. I started building my own name to our new and fresh customers. I was able to offer them more innovative design at a very competitive price compared to other designers in our town. One day, my friend visited me at the shop and told me about the Clearance Sale of Coach Outlet in our nearby town.


Both of us were very excited to go and indulge ourselves in the most popular bag brand worldwide. Having a good quality of leather Coach Bag had always been one of my luxury goal. Being a woman who loves fashion, I become aware on the importance of good quality of material in different kinds of things. That’s why I always make sure that I will spend my money wisely when buying stuff for myself.



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